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Features of IP Telephone Systems


Many small businesses are switching from traditional telephone systems to IP telephone systems. This is because of the numerous benefits that come with using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. However, many businesses are overlooking valuable features that VoIP has to offer. VoIP features can provide functionality that is beyond the options of call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and remote operation.


The follow me or find me call routing feature is quite helpful to mobile workers. This allows you to create lists of the numbers on which people can find you if the call goes to voicemail. For example, you can set the IP PBX DUBAI system in a way that if your office phone rings twice, the third and fourth rings will be on your cell phone and the fifth on your home phone. This ensures that you do not miss any important calls.


Music on hold is another feature that provides companies with the chance of entertaining callers when on hold. The feature allows you to choose the music that you want your callers to listen to, which is better than silence. The voicemail to email transcription is yet another feature that transcribes voicemail messages into text and sends them to your preferred email. With this feature, you can organize, file and delete or look for your voicemail with ease.


Call screening is a feature that many people forget to use in IP telephony. This comes in handy because you get to look at the caller ID number and decide how to deal with it. You can redirect calls to the appropriate device and even disconnect calls from annoying people. Auto attendant is a precious feature in premium VoIP services. Callers have the chance of interacting with a menu to select the right extension, which makes a business appear more impressive and professional.


Coaching tools such as barge and whisper enable business owners to advise their employees while they are on calls. Barge facilitates monitoring of the performance of an employee in phone because you can listen in on a conversation between the customer and employee without interrupting. With the whisper, you can advise your employee while on phone with the client, without alerting the client.


Do not disturb is a feature that will leave you undisturbed, as the name suggests. You can turn this feature on temporarily to stop incoming calls. This is useful during lunches, meetings and conferences. If you do not want to ignore callers, you can direct them to voicemail or any other destination of choice. While conferencing is common, not everyone uses all the features it has to offer. The conferencing tools allow you to mute individuals and manage your invitations.


Knowing the different types of features that GRANDSTREAM PBX SYSTEM have to offer will help you put them into use for the benefit of your small business. These features will provide you with the chance of enjoying secure, and effective communication in your business without incurring extra costs.